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Bryt partners with two Educational Visionaries

Bryt, one of Pakistan’s fastest growing edtechs, has partnered with two of the country’s leading educational visionaries, Omair Masood and Ahmed Saya, to create a one-of-a-kind digital learning space for students around the world.


With a career in education spanning over 15 years, Omair Masood is known as a respected teacher and successful entrepreneur. He co-founded several prestigious educational institutions in the country, including Cedar College and the Ivy School.


Over the years, Masood has mentored thousands of students as an accounting and finance teacher at O&A level and has earned a reputation for going above and beyond the call of duty to help his students achieve their goals.


Ahmed Saya is an acclaimed educator, entrepreneur and philanthropist, recognized by Cambridge University Press as the world’s most dedicated teacher.


Saya has made an invaluable contribution to the education sector since 2007 and has since become a household name for accounting and mathematics students at O ​​& A level across the country. Saya is an influencer who is known to invest personally in helping her students map out and realize their future goals.


With the combined expertise and decades of experience of Masood and Say, Bryt aims to help millions of O & A level students around the world to not only succeed in their exams, but to become well-rounded learners and critical thinkers.


Bryt’s philosophy focuses on step-by-step learning, delivered through short videos and interactive pop-up quizzes. Bryt believes that traditional learning spaces ignore individual needs and strives to create meaningful and personalized learning experiences for its students through its engaging, learner-centered platform.


With the latest additions to its core team, Bryt is ready to empower its students to discover their true potential.



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