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ONIC: The Future of Telecommunications in Pakistan

In a surprising turn of events, a leak has surfaced in the telecommunications industry, revealing the imminent arrival of a new digital telco brand in Pakistan. Tentatively named ONIC, this upcoming brand has already generated considerable buzz ahead of its official launch.

ONIC’s introduction to the market is just a few days away, and telecom enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating the fresh approach this brand promises to bring. The pre-launch announcement came from Bilal Munir Sheikh, a well-known figure in the telco sector who has been appointed as ONIC’s Country General Manager.

Sheikh’s impressive background in the telecommunications industry, including his influential role in the growth of Mobilink (now Jazz) as Vice President of Marketing, instills confidence in ONIC’s potential for success. His recent LinkedIn statement, “Gone are the days of long waits and endless calls, we’re here to change the game and bring you a world of freedom,” hints at the brand’s ambition to revolutionize telecommunication services.

While specific details about ONIC are still under wraps, Sheikh did reveal that the brand will cater to the youth-centric market. This strategic focus on the tech-savvy digital audience of Pakistan suggests ONIC will provide tailored services and innovative features that resonate with the younger generation.

Pakistan has witnessed the rise of youth-centric telco brands in the past, such as Jazz, Glow (by Warid), and Djuice (by Telenor). These brands successfully tapped into the preferences and needs of the country’s young population. With ONIC’s imminent entry, telecom observers are intrigued to see how it will differentiate itself and capture the attention and loyalty of Pakistani youth.

As the launch of ONIC approaches, the industry eagerly awaits further details and the official unveiling of this new brand. ONIC’s success in the market will depend on its ability to deliver a unique telecommunications experience, characterized by convenience, efficiency, and freedom. With Sheikh leading the charge, there is an air of optimism surrounding ONIC’s potential to make a significant impact in the telco market.

Stay tuned for updates as ONIC prepares to reshape the future of telecommunications in Pakistan. This brand aims to bring a new era of connectivity, making communication easier and more enjoyable for everyone.



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