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Pakistani Film Kukri Selected for Melbourne’s Indian Film Festival

Abu Aleeha’s groundbreaking film, “Kukri,” continues its unstoppable journey, captivating audiences worldwide. This compelling crime movie is inspired by the life of Pakistan’s most notorious killer, Javed Iqbal. It has achieved yet another milestone by securing a coveted spot at the esteemed Indian Film Festival of Melbourne 2023. From August 11 to August 20, film enthusiasts will have the opportunity to witness the brilliance of “Kukri”. It competes alongside the finest Bollywood and Regional South Asian films.

The news of this remarkable achievement was shared by Abu Aleeha on Twitter, where he expressed his delight, stating, “Delighted to announce that ‘Kukri,’ the untold story of the serial killer Javed Iqbal, has been selected for the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne 2023.” Abu Aleeha emphasized on tough competition, adding, ‘Kukri’ will be competing with the finest Bollywood and Regional South Asian films.”

“Kukri” faced numerous obstacles and endured significant delays before finally making its way to the big screen on June 2. Throughout its tumultuous journey, the director made crucial alterations to the film, including a title change, turning it into “Kukri.” Earlier this year, Aleeha shared his plans to resubmit the film to the censor board for approval.

The decision to rename the film was made due to concerns about the misinterpretation of the original title, “Javed Iqbal.” Some people believed that this title could be seen as glorifying the character. The director stressed that the film’s purpose was never to glorify Iqbal or his heinous crimes. Instead, “Kukri” aims to raise awareness, urging society to identify child abusers and protect vulnerable children.

About Kukri:

Kukri is based on the true story of Javed Iqbal, the serial killer who confessed to the horrifying murders of 100 young boys in Lahore in 1999. It has already gained significant international recognition. It premiered at a renowned film festival in the United Kingdom, leaving audiences in awe of its raw storytelling and powerful performances. Furthermore, the film’s selection for the prestigious Berlin International Art Film Festival further solidifies its status as a must-watch cinematic masterpiece.



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