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PIA Offers 14% Discount on Domestic Flights for Pakistan’s 76th Anniversary

As Pakistan prepares to commemorate its 76th year of independence, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), the nation’s flag carrier, is joining in the celebrations by offering a special treat to domestic travelers. In the spirit of patriotism and festivity, PIA has announced an exclusive 14 percent discount on all domestic flights scheduled for the 14th of August, the country’s Independence Day.


PIA took to Twitter to unveil this generous gesture, which the airline’s spokesperson aptly referred to as a “heartfelt gift” from the national carrier to the people of Pakistan. This special discount serves as a token of appreciation and gratitude to the passengers who have been the backbone of the airline’s journey.

In a parallel celebration of Pakistan’s Independence Day, PIA is set to achieve another milestone by launching the first international flight from Skardu Airport to Dubai. This significant event adds to the joy of the occasion, highlighting the nation’s progress and connectivity on its historic day.

After the inaugural flight, PIA plans to establish a regular schedule of weekly flights between Dubai and Skardu. This new route not only connects two vibrant destinations but also reinforces PIA’s commitment to enhancing accessibility and convenience for travelers.

Skardu Airport’s emergence as a key international gateway has been a journey of overcoming challenges. With the airport receiving international status in December 2021, a significant hurdle remained in the form of a lacking refueling facility for international flights. However, this obstacle has been triumphantly surmounted, with the refueling facility set to open on the 11th of August.

As Pakistan enters its 76th year of independence, PIA’s thoughtful initiatives showcase the airline’s dedication to creating memorable and convenient travel experiences for its passengers. The discount offer and the launch of Skardu Airport’s international flight reflect PIA’s commitment to serving as a symbol of national pride, unity, and progress.



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