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The Election Commission is Making a Digital App For Overseas Users

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) is stepping into the digital realm by developing a dedicated app for international users as part of its preparations for the upcoming general elections. According to sources, the commission aims to streamline information dissemination and enhance the observer experience through this innovative approach.

One of the key features of the digital app is the issuance of cards for international observers, ensuring timely access to relevant information. The app will also facilitate the printing of Accreditation Cards in the final stages, adding a layer of convenience for users. Furthermore, the app will integrate an online visa application service provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, allowing users to apply for visas seamlessly.

To ensure a comprehensive list of international observers, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will collaborate with the Election Commission, conducting security clearances through the Ministry of Interior. Correspondence has been initiated with various forums, including the European Union and the Commonwealth, highlighting the ECP’s commitment to fostering international collaboration and transparency.

To facilitate users, a dedicated desk will be established at the Central Secretariat in Islamabad, with additional service centers in the offices of all four provincial election commissioners for added convenience. The Election Commission’s policy for international observers aligns with the Open Door Policy, as outlined in Section 238 of the Election Act 2017.

According to Section 238, the Election Commission will formulate rules to grant accreditation to both international and national observers, showcasing a commitment to fairness, transparency, and inclusivity in the electoral process.

As the ECP embraces digital solutions, this initiative marks a significant step towards leveraging technology to enhance the electoral process and provide a more accessible and efficient experience for international stakeholders. Stay tuned for further updates as the Election Commission progresses with its tech-driven preparations for the general elections.



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