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Atyab Tahir steps down as CEO of JazzCash

Atyab Tahir, the CEO of JazzCash, has decided to leave his job immediately.

In accordance with the news, JazzCash CFO Murtaza Ali and the top leadership will oversee operations up till a substitute is selected.

Aamir Ibrahim, the CEO of Jazz, and Khairil Abdullah, the CEO of VEON Ventures, said in a memo to the team of workers that they may each remain on hand to offer the essential support.

JazzCash`s CEO, Tahir, assumed his role in May of this year. He became the Country Manager for MasterCard in Pakistan and Afghanistan earlier than becoming a member of JazzCash. He has additionally held distinguished positions at HBL, Telenor Bank, Fidelity Investments, and Easypaisa. The main issuer of virtual monetary offerings in Pakistan is JazzCash, a department of Jazz which is an enterprise of the VEON Group.



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