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BIEK Karachi to Introduce Digital Portal for Seamless Student Services

The Board of Intermediate Education Karachi (BIEK) is set to revolutionize student services with the imminent launch of a cutting-edge digital portal. This dynamic online platform is poised to streamline the pre- and post-examination processes for college students, marking a significant leap forward in enhancing convenience and accessibility. Students can anticipate a hassle-free experience, from the submission of application forms to the prompt retrieval of their results, all from the comfort of their homes.

One of the most noteworthy features of the digital portal is its ability to provide students with comprehensive access to essential forms and instructions through their respective colleges, eliminating the need for physical visits to the board office. This pivotal move underscores BIEK’s commitment to modernizing student services and addressing the persistent challenges that students have faced in the past.

Chairman of BIEK, Professor Naseem Memon, highlighted the intrinsic value of the online portal, emphasizing its role in simplifying administrative processes for both students and college principals. The platform will offer personalized sign-in credentials for students and faculty, facilitating the seamless submission of examination forms, with confirmation slips promptly dispatched to the students’ colleges. Additionally, the portal will empower college administrators with a comprehensive overview of student data, facilitating efficient management and coordination.

Furthermore, Professor Naseem Memon shed light on the intricate nature of the examination process, emphasizing the critical steps involved in ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of the assessment system. From meticulous handling procedures like bundling and washing to meticulous result compilation, the BIEK Karachi remains steadfast in upholding the sanctity of the examination process, safeguarding the credibility and fairness of academic evaluations. With the introduction of the digital portal, BIEK Karachi is not just facilitating convenience but also setting new standards in transparency and efficiency within the education sector.



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