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Careem Launches Flexi Rides for Customer Price Control

Careem, the trailblazer in ride-hailing services in Pakistan, has unveiled its latest offering, Flexi Ride, in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. This innovative ride-hailing option is set to redefine the dynamics of choice for both customers and Captains, allowing them the freedom to determine the price of their rides. With three distinct categories—Flexi GO, Flexi GO Mini, and Flexi Bikes—Flexi Ride brings a new level of flexibility to the ride-hailing experience.

When booking a Flexi Ride, customers are presented with an average fare, giving them the unique opportunity to increase or decrease the price according to their preference. The bid is then transmitted to multiple Captains in the vicinity, providing them with the option to accept the ride or submit a counter-bid. Once an agreeable price is reached, a Captain is assigned, initiating the journey.

The Flexi Ride underwent successful trials in Faisalabad and Multan, receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback from both customers and Captains. Following its launch in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, the Flexi Ride is slated to expand to other cities served by Careem, including Lahore and Karachi. While the GO and GO Mini categories will feature the Flexi Ride, the GO Premium will continue to operate under its existing marketplace model.

Imran Saleem, General Manager of Ride Hailing at Careem Pakistan, shared insights on the launch, saying, “With Flexi Rides, we are dedicated to enhancing the ride-hailing experience for both our customers and Captains. This innovative approach empowers customers to determine their own fares, ensuring not only flexibility but also an unparalleled level of safety. Simultaneously, Captains now have the autonomy to set fares for their own rides, positively impacting their overall earnings. We believe that this newfound flexibility will resonate with our customers and Captains alike, making their journeys more convenient and enjoyable.”

Flexi Ride aims to provide customers with the added assurance of fixed pricing, a departure from the traditional variable fare structure. With an increased focus on safety, Careem endeavors to deliver the most reliable experience to both its valued customers and dedicated Captains. The introduction of Flexi Rides marks a significant leap forward in the evolution of ride-hailing services, promising a more personalized and secure travel experience for all.



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