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Chinese Company to Launch E-Bike “Yadea” Showroom in Johar Town Lahore

In a significant development for Pakistan’s Electric Vehicle (EV) market, renowned Chinese e-bike manufacturer Yadea is poised to inaugurate its maiden showroom in Lahore. This milestone comes in collaboration with Road Prince, marking a strategic partnership that aims to make electric scooters more accessible to Pakistani consumers. The showroom, located in Johar Town Lahore, is set to open its doors in an eagerly anticipated ceremony scheduled for tomorrow.

The collaboration between Yadea and Road Prince is not merely confined to showroom openings. The two companies have officially joined forces to manufacture and market electric scooters in Pakistan. As part of this partnership, Yadea plans to establish a network of 3S dealerships across the country, ensuring comprehensive after-sales service for its electric bikes. Importantly, all Yadea electric bikes sold through this collaboration will be backed by a robust 24-month warranty.

While the specific Yadea models and their prices for the Pakistani market are yet to be disclosed, the upcoming showroom’s launch is expected to shed light on these details. This move by Yadea aligns with the growing interest in electric two-wheelers in Pakistan, fueled by rising prices of conventional vehicles and fuel.

Earlier this year, Metro Electric Bikes introduced one of Yadea’s electric scooters, the E8S Pro, to the local market. Priced at Rs.360,000, this electric bike boasts a maximum speed of 65-70km/h and a range of up to 125 KM on a full charge. As Yadea expands its presence with its inaugural showroom, the Pakistani market eagerly awaits further developments in the electric mobility landscape.



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