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Alibaba Launches ChatGPT Rival Tongyi Qianwen

A powered by Artificial Intelligence language model resembling ChatGPT Tongyi Qianwen has been introduced by the Chinese E e-commerce company Alibaba. A draft law requiring new AI to “reflect socialist values” was made public at the same time in Beijing.

ChatGPT Rival Tongyi Qianwen

The recently introduced artificially intelligent model Tongyi Qianwen, which stands for “truth via a thousand queries,” was displayed in a video on Tuesday. This chatbot is designed to compose invitation letters, analyse meeting notes, and advise users on what kind of makeup to buy.

According to Daniel Zhang, CEO of Alibaba Group, We are at a technological turning point, powered by Innovating and latest cloud technology. Similarly, businesses across all industries have begun to adopt the Artificial intelligence revolution to stay ahead of the competition.”

Create Innovative Language Model

As a preview for the new chatbot last Friday, Alibaba Officially announced and  posted a message on social media “Hello, this is a first-time meeting. My full name is Tongyi Qianwen. I appreciate any feedback.” Furthermore, Tongyi Qianwen will be made open to user modification by Alibaba Cloud so that users can create their comprehensive language models.

Biggest Online Shopping Platform

Tongyi Qianwen will be made available to users by the biggest online shopping giant, Alibaba Cloud, to hurry up and promote the development of language models. Since its launch, ChatGPT l, developed by OpenAI, has generated a new feeling of producing new content from historical data. Alibaba’s stock increased by almost 3% during morning trading.

With an enormous footprint in China and across the globe, Alibaba has developed into one of the biggest and most valuable technology businesses in the world. It has also made significant investments in a wide range of technology startups and enterprises, both domestically and abroad. Furthermore, it has helped to shape the development of online trade and technology both within China and onward.




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