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Top 5 Best Online Earning Apps Without Investment

With the increasing popularity of smartphones and access to the internet, online income has grown into a great way to make money. It is an excellent chance for people who wish to work on their terms to make money. Because there are plenty of best online earning apps available that don’t require any investment.

Using these apps, you can sell goods, complete surveys, view movies, and play games, among other methods to earn money.

Broadcast Republic discusses the top best online earning apps and websites without any investments. You can quickly start earning money with real online earning apps.

Best Online Earning Apps and Websites

If you’re looking to make money online but lack the necessary abilities, check out these verified online earning apps and start making money right away.

  1.       YouTube
  2.       People per hour
  3.       Markaz app
  4.       Blogger
  5.       99 designs


YouTube is a popular source of internet income in Pakistan these days. With a Google account, start by setting up a YouTube channel. To make money from your movies, configure your monetization settings. Furthermore, 1000 users and 4,000 hours of watching time must be reached before you can monetize. The YouTube staff will then assess your channel and follow up with a confirmation email. You have two ways to make money on YouTube:

  •  CPM (clicks per mile)
  •  CPI (cost per 1,000 impressions).

People Per Hour

If you possess transferable talents in any industry, you can work as a freelancer and get money by performing jobs and projects on websites like People Per Hour.

To make your first payment through People Per Hour, follow these four easy steps:

  •       Register and finish your profile
  •       Look for jobs and submit applications
  •       Complete the task
  •       Earn Money

Markaz App

Markaz program is a Pakistani online earning app that has more than 100,000 downloads and is revolutionizing social commerce there. In addition, online communities, social media, and user-generated content all play a part in social commerce, a particular kind of e-commerce.

 Resellers might use social networking sites to advertise their goods and services. Due to the approximately 10,000 products in the Markaz App product portfolio, clients can access and take advantage of a variety of goods. Additionally, it offers a built-in market that helps customers easily find whatever they’re looking for.


On the internet, blogger has become one of the most widely used methods to create stuff. It may be a potent tool for connecting with readers and establishing an online presence. This is a content writing website that is free without any investment and starts publishing your own contents. The average monthly income for bloggers in Pakistan is Rs 39,728. While bloggers who make under Rs. fifty thousand can still make a good living from their blogs by making above Rs. one billion annually, which is the average salary for bloggers.

99 Designs

The global website 99 Designs is one of the most trusted online earning apps that brings collaborative users and artists from across the world to work jointly on unique designs of our choosing. This is the finest platform if you want to design and are creative. Furthermore, it’s free without any investment to sign up. The nature of the design job determines the rates and benefits. Its distinctive creative process makes it easier for clients and designers to collaborate on and finish tasks like creating logos and t-shirts. 



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