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Pakistan’s First Digital Business Card; Tapit

In today’s digital age, networking and businesses depend heavily on the exchange of contact details. The traditional paper business card is not only becoming outdated, but it also raises environmental issues. Tapit, Pakistan’s first digital business card has transformed the way how people and companies exchange information. Shahreyar Raja, an Air University student founded Tapit card. Tapit aims to transform the sharing and storage of contact details . It represents a remarkable example of entrepreneurship and innovation in Pakistan.

Shehrayar Raja had the idea to develop an effective and eco-friendly substitute for ordinary business cards.He was influenced by the simple tap-to-access public transportation of the Metro bus card for his idea.Because of the overuse of paper business cards and their negative effects on the environment, Shehrayar had an idea. He aimed to create a digital solution that would make contact exchange easier and promote entrepreneurship in Pakistan.

Tapit transforms how people exchange contact information. Users can easily send their contact information to another person’s phone with just one tap. It has replaced the necessity of paper business cards. Despite that, Tapit offers more than just contact sharing. Users can get personalized cards with distinctive UI designs, and businesses can utilize them to market their goods. Tapit stands out as a complete solution for both organizations and people because of its all-around approach.

Initially, Tapit experienced issues with staff retention, like many other startups. Shehrayar highlighted the value of his committed team and singled out Umer Farooq, the company’s creative director, for special praise. This cooperative effort is a prime example of Pakistan’s entrepreneurial mindset, where gifted people work together to advance innovation. For businesses like Tapit to succeed, teamwork is essential.

Shehrayar has established Pakistan’s first digital business card which showcases the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship in Pakistani youth. His transformation from a young entrepreneur to the CEO of a growing startup is a remarkable story. It exemplifies determination, creativity, and collaboration in Pakistan’s entrepreneurial scene. Tapit claims to transform contact sharing and open new doors for both organizations and individuals with its wide range of possibilities.




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