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How to Create a Seller Account on Daraz

Daraz, the leading e-commerce platform founded in 2012 has augmented immensely in the past decade. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, the platform’s buying and selling space has significantly expanded. As the count of online-selling entrepreneurs increases in the country, this app presents a fantastic platform to bolster their businesses. What can definitely motivate anyone to become a seller is the easy process of registering yourself as one. Follow these easy steps to create a seller account on Daraz and start earning today!

Step 1: Sign up

Use the easily available app on your App Store or tune in to the Daraz website. The interface in orange and white will request your phone number and desired password. Remember to share your business’s number along with a password that is both simple to remember and strong to prevent any potential future inconveniences.

Step 2: Add profile information

This process is set to identify your business. Ensure that you include the email address and name associated with your company or professional business. Do check the accuracy as this will be the main mode of communication in the future. 

Step 3: Add business details

The seller account depends on trust between this platform and business, however the need for transparency must prevail. Location detail should be precise and correct to avoid any problems in the process of trade in the future.  The next step will be to furnish information about your business. This will entail providing your business name, the nature of the products you offer, and your business registration number. Additionally, you’ll need to upload a scanned copy of your business registration certificate.

Step 4: Update products

Once you finish introducing your business this seller account on Daraz would need you to share the main highlight of the whole process; the products you offer. This can only be done after your account will be verified by Daraz. Once you upload pictures of your product you must build on product information with the price, product description even customer reviews. Don’t forget to manage your inventory to smoothen the selling process on Daraz.

Step 5: Ready! Let’s start selling 

Your seller account on Daraz is now complete and open to Daraz users. Kudos to becoming a part of the Daraz’s seller community in Pakistan. Your product will be exposed to millions of users through their strong search engine.

The process of registering with a  seller account on Daraz requires minimum effort. In addition to the steps being uncomplicated they can be done easily using any device. Your business can now cater to a huge customer’s base of Daraz. Your business can grow immensely. This is specially because you are registered through a proper channel and can easily boost your sales. 



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