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Google Registers itself as a Company in Pakistan

Google has officially registered itself as a company with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP). SECP has issued a certificate of registration under Section 435 of the Companies Act 2017.

Google Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd .is registered under the Companies Act 2017 for establishing a liaison office in Pakistan.

The company is going to start its operations in Pakistan very soon. Next week, a panel from Google is coming to Pakistan. They will have a meeting with the authorities of Pakistan and will discuss future plans related to its operations.

Reports say that the Ministry of I&T was trying to bring them to Pakistan and was in touch with the company. However, international companies avoid coming to Pakistan because of political issues.

According to the officials of the Ministry of IT Google will hopefully establish its office in Pakistan in the coming days. According to these officials, the company has launched several good initiatives in Pakistan in recent years.

Google launched career certification in September. This initiative offered a flexible learning path to all Pakistani citizens. Moreover, in June 2022, it launched a suicide hotline in Pakistan to stop suicidal cases and issues related to mental health.

According to MoITT officials, Google’s registration as a company in Pakistan is a very good initiative. The company is already investing $ 3.5 million in the Google certification program. This registration shows that the company wants to invest more in Pakistan. The Ministry of IT and Telecom welcomes Google in Pakistan & MoITT will provide full support to Pakistan.



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