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TAWAL Saudia Arabia’s telecom group Finally stepped into the Pakistan market

TAWAL, a Saudi Arabia, multinational telecom group, has received a no-objection certificate (NOC) from PTA to operate in Pakistan. TAWAL fulfilled all codal formalities and mandatory clearance by relevant stakeholders. However, TAWAL has accepted all the terms and regulations imposed by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority. PTA has issued provincial approval. At the same time, the corporation will also have to change its ownership from SECP.

TAWAL owns more than 15,500 towers and provides leading integrated ICT infrastructure in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

In February 2022, it declared that it would enter the Pakistani Market by acquiring AWAL telecom. A firm has a telecom tower provider license and between 70 to 80 towers. TAWAL is a big group and plans to build additional telecom towers in Pakistan.

In light of the advent of 5G, experts say that TAWAL`s entry into the Pakistani market is crucial. More towers will be needed for the rollout of 5G, and TAWAL, a tower company with innovative ideas and advanced technology, will be an excellent addition to Pakistan`s Telecom Industry. Cellular operators will be able to rent telecom towers under PTA`s active sharing framework, which will benefit both parties.

Saudi Telecom Group`s debut in the Pakistani market is a major development in light of the country’s current situation.

Federal Minister for IT and Telecom has welcomed the entry of TAWAL into the Pakistani Market. He stated that TAWAL`s investment would strengthen Pakistan-Saudi Arabia ties. 

Tawal was launched on April 1st, 2019, after obtaining its license from CITC. TAWAL enables telecom companies, government, and private entities to boost infrastructure sharing. TAWAL`s core activities involve building, designing, and managing telecom infrastructure that enables state-of-the-art and modular connectivity.

However, the Government of Pakistan is constantly investing a huge amount in its telecom sector. As the emergence of technology has changed the overall structure of the world. Therefore, Pakistan Telecommunication Department is also trying to bring innovations in this sector.

Pakistan offers huge investment opportunities in its telecom sector. It offers 194 million telecom subscribers, 124 million broadband subscribers, and 121 million 3G/4G subscribers.



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