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Amazon is set to launch Prime Gaming in India

Amazon is eyeing India for Prime Gaming Service. The subscription service will provide free access to several titles along with Amazon Prime membership.

The company describes on the site that” With Prime Gaming (included with your Prime membership) unlock instant access to tons of exclusive content for your favorite games and a rotating collection of PC games…each and every month,”

An official statement has yet to be released from Amazon India regarding this launch.

The company mentioned India as an operational market for the service on its support page. Despite that, users are redirected to a blank page while attempting to access Prime Gaming. The offer is not yet available for subscribers in India, and Prime membership only offers mobile gaming in the country.

Some users shared references on social media platforms about Prime Gaming`s Service possible launch in India, which Amazon quietly removed.

As per Amazon, Prime Gaming is operational in more than 200 countries that support Prime subscriptions, including India. One of the most excellent parts of the service is that it comes free with Amazon Prime and Prime Video subscriptions. With Prime Gaming, users can also get access to in-game content at no additional cost and a range of Twitched-focused features.

However, before you get too happy, know that Amazon has deleted the Prime Gaming Launch announcement banner from its website. The Prime Gaming website currently says the service is not supported in India and lists the country as an eligible territory for mobile offers only.

Prime gaming is a rebrand of Amazon`s Twitch Prime service. It offers a free subscription to one twitch streamer every month. Twitch reduced its subscription prices in India and several others countries last year to comply with a regional pricing system. For now, a one-month subscription costs 110 Indian rupees on a web browser and 120 through the phone app.

The Company has recently wound up many of its businesses in India. Still, they are inching closer to launching the Prime Gaming service in India.



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