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Farooq Qaiser’s ‘Uncle Sargam’ Celebrated in Google Doodle

The Google Doodle on November 1st paid tribute to the remarkable life and contributions of Farooq Qaiser, a distinguished Pakistani puppeteer, artist, and writer. Qaiser’s illustrious career, beginning with the iconic children’s television series “Akka Bakkar” and later “Kaliyan,” captivated audiences with its blend of humor and meaningful life lessons, particularly through the beloved character of Uncle Sargam.

Hailing from Sialkot, Farooq Qaiser’s creative journey took him from the National College of Arts in Lahore to international education in graphic design and mass communications, further enriching his artistic perspective. Throughout his career, Qaiser garnered prestigious awards, including the Presidential Pride of Performance, recognizing his significant contributions to Pakistan’s cultural and educational landscape.

His enduring impact on generations of Pakistani viewers, coupled with his commitment to imparting valuable values through entertainment, solidified Qaiser’s legacy as an integral part of Pakistan’s cultural and educational history. The Google Doodle tribute serves as a fitting homage to the profound influence and lasting legacy of the iconic ‘Uncle Sargam’ in Pakistani popular culture.



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