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Trending K-Dramas on Netflix that You Must Watch

Do you happen to enjoy K-dramas? If so, you should definitely take a look at these trending K-dramas on Netflix. How about enjoying some Netflix time and relaxing from your busy routines. These sweet and sour dramas will give you the right amount of mysterious thriller, romance, comedy and action. Here are a few famous K-dramas that will take you to a series of emotions.


1. Squid Game 

Squid Game

This blockbuster mixes emotions of love, hate, greed, friendship, thriller and much more. Rated at the top, this trending K-drama on Netflix holds a separate fan base. The mystery hidden in the name of the series, to the curious shapes triangle, square and circle as the logo, the drama did not fail to impress viewers. The show revolves around missions that must be completed to reach the next round, failure to do this will lead to elimination, in other words death. The winner of the game can win the grand total. This nerve wrecking drama will keep you hooked up to the last episode. 


2.True Beauty 

True Beauty

Based on beauty standards and an important issue like high school bullying this drama has its own unique plot. A poor bullied girl uses makeup to hide what she thought were the ugly parts on her face.  Her new friends, sets of new problems with just the right amount of Romance and comedy in her new school twists when someone sees her without makeup. The story development of the series is very interesting and the star cast adds the sparkle to the story you can look forward to.


3. My name 

My Name

Are you looking for mature and solid entertainment with hate, passion and aggression? look no further this is the K-drama for you. This drama revolves around a woman who lost her father and made revenge for his murder the purpose of her life. Now empowered with skills, resources and energy she is ready to avenge her father, but the process seems rather complicated. The twists and turns will be a ride of emotions.


4. All of us are dead

All of us are Dead

This high school drama is a little different from the mainstream rom com K-dramas on Netflix. It revolves around a zombie virus outbreak in a high school. Despite terror, severe bloodshed and fear, the students must escape the school and save their lives. This tense drama can cause shivers to run down your spine with exhilarating sights and intense scenes.


5. Vincenzo


One of the most trending K-dramas on Netflix you can ever come across. With a heartthrob actor as the main lead and prominent female lead and excellent script this drama is a perfect amalgamation of action,  comedy, drama and romance. The story starts with an Italian lawyer who works for international gangs and is assigned to empty a building full of residents. The female and male lead later join hands to defend the people and the building accordingly. A fast-paced drama with a variety of characters that will certainly lift up your mood.


Even if you are new to the K-drama culture you should definitely check these out. These are easily available on Netflix and have been trending ever since. Don’t forget to add these to your list. 



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