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foodpanda’s Strategic Partnership with PSO DIGICASH

In a strategic move aimed at enhancing the welfare and efficiency of its delivery ecosystem, foodpanda, Pakistan’s leading delivery platform, has exciting news to share. The company has announced a strategic partnership with PSO DIGICASH, a cutting-edge fuel management solution from Pakistan State Oil (PSO).

Empowering Delivery Riders: The collaboration between foodpanda and PSO DIGICASH is designed to empower foodpanda’s delivery riders with exclusive benefits and incentives. Leveraging the comprehensive fuel management solutions offered by PSO DIGICASH, this partnership promises to enhance the overall experience for riders on the road.

Exclusive Benefits for Riders: As part of this collaboration, foodpanda riders will enjoy exclusive benefits, including a 10% discount on lubricant purchases and a 1% cashback on Premier Euro 5 and Hi-Octane fuels. The cashback, up to PKR 50,000 per month, will be directly deposited into the riders’ DIGICASH wallets, ensuring seamless access to fuel incentives.

Convenient Fuel Management: Riders can easily top up their fuel balances through various channels, including PSO outlets, Easypaisa wallet, bank cards, or 1 Bill bank transfer. This initiative streamlines the process, providing convenience and flexibility for riders to manage their fuel expenses efficiently.

Enhancing Rider Experience: Muntaqa Peracha, CEO of foodpanda Pakistan, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “Through this partnership, we aim to provide our riders with greater convenience, savings, and incentives to fuel their success.” This commitment aligns with foodpanda’s dedication to supporting its riders and ensuring they have access to the best possible resources.

Reciprocal Benefits: In reciprocity, foodpanda will extend benefits to DIGICASH users, offering a 50% discount on its pandapro subscription. Additionally, the company will conduct training sessions for riders on the usage of DIGICASH and provide incentives directly into DIGICASH wallets to encourage widespread adoption.

A Step Towards Efficiency: Mr. Mohsin Mangi, Chief Strategy and Technology Officer at PSO, emphasized the collaborative effort, saying, “By empowering foodpanda riders with a seamless fueling solution, we hope to contribute towards efficiency in operations and facilitation for the dynamic growth of the delivery ecosystem.”

This strategic partnership exemplifies the commitment of both foodpanda and PSO to empower their partners and elevate their overall experience. As foodpanda riders embrace the benefits of DIGICASH, the delivery ecosystem is set to thrive with efficiency, convenience, and enhanced incentives. Stay tuned for updates on the positive impact of this transformative collaboration.



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