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Most watched Pakistani Dramas in 2022

By this year, Pakistani dramas had built up and changes were continued in specific areas. However, few dramas have super characters, the actors and actresses have played very well. 

Mentioning some of the most watched plays that have been aired for more than 10 weeks. 

Chaudhry & Sons a themed drama played in Ramzan consisting of 30 episodes aired on Pakistani entertainment channel. Though Ramzan Transmission dramas have different humor. This drama relies on the strong emotions of the family. 

The whole drama describes how close families get closer and how important these blood relations are. So this drama plays a positive effect on the lives of people. 

Aye Musht e Khaak is another hit drama of this year. Drama based on a female who lives life on her own terms. The story behind this drama was the leading role of a female, a strong believer of Islam. 

Whereas, the male character was opposite to those who don’t believe in Islam and was changed later on. This serial had limited episodes which made the viewer’s interest till the end.

Bakhtawar is another famed drama serial of 2022. The serial prime mover was the “heart of its charm”. The leading characters have performed different roles in the plot. This was a welcoming change. 

The main character of the drama was a young girl who was dedicated to work and was successful in her life. She had to make some decisions which made her path to success more complicated.

Parizaad is considered as the vogue masterpiece of this year. The main character acting was in Parizaad life, an impressive role. The way he managed to act the difficult role is indescribable and made viewers astonished. 

Adding to it, it was considered in good dramas other than that it became a topic of discussion in town. Some top issues were raised by this drama, transgender rights, gender dysmorphia, society’s fixation on beauty and wealth and poor education systems in schools.

Sang e Mah was the drama serial that gained attention before airing on TV. The main character was a famous Pakistani singer who was introduced in this drama serial. The leading character performed so well that no question was left of choosing him or why he chose to play this character role. 

The entire team of actors and actresses of the drama serial were well known in Pakistani industry. So the story was described in a very well way the way it was needed by the audience. 



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