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Hainan Airlines Introduces AR Glasses by Rokid

Hainan Airlines and Rokid have ushered in a new era of in-flight entertainment with the introduction of Rokid Entertainment Kits. This innovative offering, featuring Rokid Max smart glasses and a versatile Rokid Station, marks a significant leap forward in providing passengers with a cutting-edge and immersive in-flight experience.

Traditional seatback screens have faced criticism for their limitations in size, resolution, and content variety. In stark contrast, Rokid Entertainment Kits offer a remarkable upgrade, transforming the in-flight entertainment landscape. The Rokid Max smart glasses, serving as the focal point, provide users with a comfortable, adjustable, and high-definition virtual cinema experience, catering even to those with prescription lenses.

Central to the Rokid Entertainment Kits is the Rokid Station, functioning as an Android TV device. This element empowers passengers to access a diverse array of entertainment options, including streaming services, downloaded videos, games, and apps. The flexibility offered ensures that every passenger can tailor their in-flight entertainment to their unique preferences, be it movies, TV shows, or interactive games.

The integration of AR technology in the aviation industry extends beyond entertainment, hinting at revolutionary changes in aircraft design. The potential for AR glasses to pave the way for windowless passenger airplanes signifies a remarkable innovation. Eliminating traditional windows could lead to reduced noise, improved aerodynamic efficiency, and enhanced structural integrity, promising a more comfortable and sustainable flying experience for passengers.

While the partnership between Rokid and Hainan Airlines stands as a noteworthy milestone in AR technology adoption in aviation, its success opens doors for similar innovations worldwide. As the demand for immersive and personalized in-flight experiences continues to surge, the industry can anticipate further technological advancements that redefine the very essence of air travel.



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