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Multan Sultans Appoint Catherine Dalton as Fast-Bowling Coach

Multan Sultans, one of the prominent teams in the Pakistan Super League (PSL), has set a remarkable precedent by appointing Catherine Dalton as their fast-bowling coach. This groundbreaking decision marks a significant stride towards fostering gender diversity in the cricketing world.

Certified as an ECB Level 3 advanced coach, Catherine Dalton’s appointment stands as a testament to the team’s commitment to inclusivity and recognition of talent irrespective of gender. With a rich history in international cricket, having represented Ireland in multiple ODIs and T20Is, Dalton brings a wealth of playing experience to her coaching role.

Moreover, her previous coaching engagements in the UK and India, along with her contributions to renowned cricketing academies, including the National Fast-Bowling Academy in the UK and the Ultimate Pace Foundation in India, highlight her exceptional coaching prowess and dedication to nurturing emerging talent.

Beyond breaking gender barriers, Dalton’s appointment emphasizes the significance of diversity in coaching, bringing forth unique perspectives and approaches that can enrich the sport. Her journey serves as an inspiring tale, paving the way for more women to actively participate and excel in cricket coaching roles.

Multan Sultans’ decision to embrace Catherine Dalton as their fast-bowling coach not only marks a milestone in the realm of women’s participation in cricket but also signals a progressive step forward for the sport as a whole. By recognizing and empowering diverse talents like Dalton, the cricketing world is set to witness an era of unprecedented inclusivity and excellence.



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