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Murena Launches Own-Brand Mobile Network

In a groundbreaking move, French startup Murena, renowned for its privacy-centric ‘de-Googled’ smartphones, has ventured into the realm of mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) by introducing its own-brand mobile network – Murena Mobile. Leveraging T-Mobile’s infrastructure, this service is exclusively available to U.S. customers, with plans ranging from 4GB data at $35/month to unlimited data priced at $65, offering unlimited calls and texts across the board.

Embracing the MVNO Trend:

As the MVNO space continues to surge in popularity, Murena strategically enters this domain, capitalizing on advancements in technology that facilitate easier MVNO establishment. These innovations include mobile virtual network enabler (MVNE) software and the adoption of eSIM technology, providing a cost-effective, all-digital distribution strategy.

Murena’s Unique Proposition:

Founded in 2018, Murena distinguishes itself by offering smartphones with its own operating system, /e/OS, built on the Android-based fork LineageOS. The company’s emphasis on privacy is evident, with Google apps replaced by open-source alternatives or privacy-centric software. Murena monetizes through add-on services like cloud plans, aligning with its commitment to user privacy.

Privacy and Simplicity:

Murena Mobile’s launch aligns with its commitment to user privacy. While some personal information is collected during sign-up, Murena emphasizes minimizing data sharing to enhance user security. This privacy-first approach is particularly aimed at the privacy-loving target market in the U.S.

Murena’s Future Plans:

Murena plans to extend its mobile plans to Europe in 2024, catering to a broader audience. The company intends to support physical SIM cards in the future but currently focuses on eSIM technology. However, a limitation arises as not all devices offered in Murena’s online store support eSIM, and customers must complete separate transactions for mobile plans and device purchases. Murena acknowledges this inconvenience and aims to address it in 2024.

A Seamless and Integrated Solution:

Murena’s foray into the MVNO space is driven by the desire to provide a seamless and integrated solution for privacy-conscious individuals. Looking ahead, the company envisions offering comprehensive packages, combining phones, cloud plans, and mobile plans into a monthly subscription – further solidifying Murena’s position as a privacy-first innovator in the tech landscape.



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