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NADRA Launches ‘Rahbar’ Mobile App

Nadra (National Database And Registration Authority) is constantly operating to enhance its operations digitally. On Wednesday, Nadra released a cell app ‘Rahbar’ which enables people to answer their Nadra-related queries.

As we realize, Nadra is constantly seeking to provide current facilities to the citizens. Chairman Nadra Tariq Malik said that in advance, it was difficult for the residents to discover the nearest area of their Nadra centers. Rahbar is a mobile app that permits customers to get entry to the nearest place first-class fits them. In addition, the app allows them to find out the ready time, average processing time, and other possible questions.

Furthermore, he introduced that such tasks have been very important to facilitate residents. We make certain that we offer the most facilities to our clients through changing Nadra offices to Nadra citizen service centers.

Through this software, the residents might be capable of accessing the wide variety of residents queued up looking ahead to their turn, processing time, and the vicinity of all Nadra centers. The app may also let you locate the closest mobile Registration Van and the registration office.

The software accommodates filters to sort out the centers of your preference, such as finding the female-simplest-centers. Moreover, you could additionally discover 24/7 Nadra centers, normal and government centers. The app has a modern-day feature that mechanically updates the statistics each 3 mins.

The application caters to humans in English and Urdu to facilitate special languages. The advanced step taken by Nadra showcases Nadra’s technical capabilities and eccentric citizen approach. Android(iOS) and Apple customers can easily download the utility through the Play store and Apple save (iOS).

but, Nadra’s provider could be in the public eye. That is the transparent manifestation of digital Pakistan and e-governance.

In September, the national Database Registration Authority (Nadra) decided to assemble another Mega center in Karachi after an extended gap of 5 years.

The fourth mega center will take place at Karachi college street to facilitate the people of the port metropolis. In total, Nadra has planned to establish seven mega centers within the town. The principal aim is to lessen humans’ timings because of the lengthy queue. In step with the plans, Nadra will assemble the opposite mega centers in Kemari and Malir.



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