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JS Bank Launches Instant Cashback on Credit Cards

JS Bank, one of the fastest-growing Pakistani commercial banks, has announced instant cashback on their Credit Cards. This initiative is happening for the first time in Pakistan.

All JS Credit Card holders will receive an instant cashback of 5% when they pay for fuel at any station across Pakistan. This is only the first step. In forthcoming months, JS bank is planning to extend this offer on other purchases such as school fee payments, utility bills, grocery shopping, etc. The feature of cashback is automatic and the customers do not have to do any further steps to avail of this offer. They will automatically receive their cashback at checkout.

The most interesting thing about this offer is that customers can receive their cash back instantly instead of waiting for 30 days.

In near future, customers will be able to purchase products from different brands and would avail of this offer without any restrictions even on sale items.

Fahad Siddiqui, Head of Products, shared his views and said, “While cashback is not a new feature, JS Bank is the first Pakistani bank to offer them instantly – which means no more waiting till the end of the month to get your money back.”

JS Credit Cards are offered in four main types – Classic, Gold, Platinum, and Signature – with different credit limits and numerous benefits for cardholders.



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