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Unemployment in Pakistan and it’s impact on Educated Youth

Economic instability has dominated Pakistan in recent years. Numerous people, including recent graduates, are now experiencing unemployment in Pakistan. Possibilities are scarce here and compensation is low as a result of the economic instability. We find ourselves battling with monetary instability due to the rising unemployment rate. Additionally, it is also affecting an individual’s mental health. In this blog, we will talk about how the scarcity of opportunities is affecting the mental health of students as well as the country’s growth.

Finding a job in Pakistan has been a little harder between 2021 and 2023. The unemployment rate was 6.1% in 2021, but by 2023 it had increased to 7%. Worse yet, considering the current economic issues, finding a job may become even more difficult in the upcoming years. The challenges encountered in the employment market have seriously harmed the mental health of recent graduates. They are experiencing higher levels of stress because of uncertainty about finding a job and being able to pursue their professional goals. More than 450,000 Pakistanis departed from the country in 2023 for better employment opportunities abroad. When people feel like they must leave their country to find work, it shows us how terrible the employment situation has gotten.

We spoke with recent graduates from different universities. The objective was to learn more about the effects of the recession and unemployment in Pakistan. These graduates have outstanding academic performance. They presented their opinion on how unemployment affects people’s mental health.

The interviews with various students revealed that they believe, the ongoing economic crisis is the primary factor in the increase in the unemployment rate. The increased rate has caused several businesses to close, which has reduced work possibilities. Moreover, they stressed over the emotional and financial costs of unemployment for students. They struggle to finish their education in the hope of finding work to support themselves and their families. Unfortunately, these graduates experience mental stress and increased economic difficulties as a result of fewer employment opportunities. In view of these challenges, the students encouraged the government to take steps to enhance employment possibilities. Pakistan’s future foundation are these fresh Graduates, who have the potential to become independent.

As a result of recent political changes, Pakistan is currently experiencing a difficult time due to economic instability and a rising unemployment rate. Both people’s lives and the country’s potential for economic growth have been affected by the current crisis. The discussions with new graduates have shown us that the lack of employment prospects has an impact on student’s mental health in addition to their ability to support their families.



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