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Free Live Streaming in Pakistan on Daraz, Tamasha, and myco

Cricket fever is about to hit an all-time high in Pakistan as Daraz, Tamasha, and myco make an extraordinary announcement. In an unprecedented move, these leading digital platforms have joined forces to offer cricket enthusiasts across Pakistan free access to the highly anticipated ICC World Cup 2023. Scheduled to kick off on October 5 and conclude on November 19, this tournament promises to be a cricketing extravaganza like no other. This blog will dive into the details of this exciting partnership, the significance of digital streaming in Pakistan’s cricket landscape, and what it means for cricket lovers and advertisers alike.

ICC MEN`S Cricket World Cup India 2023

The Rise of Digital Streaming in Cricket

In recent years, digital streaming has emerged as the go-to platform for cricket enthusiasts in Pakistan. Traditional TV viewership, especially for ODIs (One Day Internationals), has seen a decline as cricket fans prefer the flexibility of mobile screens. With the fast-paced nature of modern life, it’s challenging to stay glued to the TV screen for up to nine hours, especially during office hours and daily commutes. As a result, mobile screens have become the preferred choice for cricket lovers, allowing them to catch every thrilling moment of the game on the go.

Daraz, a platform that has been bringing cricket action to fans since 2021, made a strategic move in 2022 by partnering with Tamasha. Now, in 2023, cricket enthusiasts have a unique and exciting set of options to enjoy the ICC World Cup. They can tune in to Daraz, Tamasha, and a new entrant in the Pakistani market, myco – a MENA-based watch-and-earn platform.

Daraz’s Vision

Mohammad Ammar Hassan, Chief Marketing Officer, Daraz Pakistan

Mohammad Ammar Hassan, Chief Marketing Officer of Daraz Pakistan, expressed the platform’s vision, saying, “There is a powerful shift happening from big flat screens to small handy ones. We want to democratize cricket viewership in Pakistan so that everyone, anywhere can watch cricket. Cricket unites our nation, and this is our attempt to get closer to Pakistanis.”

Tamasha’s Commitment

Tamasha” Aamer Ejaz, Chief Digital Officer, Jazz

Aamer Ejaz, Chief Digital Officer at Jazz, emphasized Tamasha‘s commitment to bringing cricket action to mobile screens. He stated, “With ICC World Cup 2023, Tamasha is geared up to bring the cricket action on mobile screens, whether at home, office, or on the go. Furthermore, users can access 70+ Live TV channels instantly, watch entertaining movies, and enjoy Tamasha Originals exclusively available to Tamasha users only. World Cup hai tou lagega Tamasha.”

myco’s Disruptive Model

Umair Masoom, Founder & Managing Director, myco

Umair Masoom, Founder & Managing Director of myco, shared their excitement about entering the Pakistani market and bringing their unique “watch & earn” streaming model to cricket-loving audiences. He expressed gratitude to Daraz and Tamasha for driving this space, aiming to ignite a new era of digital sports streaming in Pakistan.


The partnership between Daraz, Tamasha, and myco is a game-changer for cricket enthusiasts in Pakistan. It reflects the changing dynamics of cricket viewership and the importance of accessible, mobile-friendly streaming platforms. As the ICC World Cup 2023 approaches, cricket lovers can look forward to an immersive and convenient viewing experience, while advertisers recognize the shift in audience engagement and adapt their strategies accordingly. Get ready for a cricketing extravaganza like never before – it’s time to enjoy the ICC World Cup 2023 from the palm of your hand.



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