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5 Best ChatGPT Alternatives Free and Paid Tools in 2023

ChatGPT is an AI language that is highly used recently. There are different versions launched nowadays. In addition, ChatGPT assists you in achieving your objectives. For writing scripts, crafting stories, and producing beautiful poetry, songs, essays, and other content, ChatGPT is excellent and produces amazing outcomes.

If you’re looking for the Best ChatGPT alternative tools that provide a comparable experience with a few extra features. You’ve come to the correct place. Similarly, numerous cutting-edge AI-based alternatives to ChatGPT include authoring programs, AI-powered assistants, SEO solutions, and code generators.

Best ChatGPT Alternative tools

  1. Open-AI playground
  2. Bing AI
  3. Chatsonic
  4. Git Hub copilot
  5. Neeva AI

Open-AI playground

This ChatGPT alternative is very comparable to a ChatGPT demo. Due to the accessibility of GPT3 and other OpenAI models, users can quickly play with a wide range of use situations. While OpenAI Playground isn’t aimed at the average person it’s an excellent opportunity for people who lack access to ChatGPT to get acquainted with some of its advanced functions.


  • It is cost-free to use if you create an account
  • Multiple language model types are available
  • If your consumption is high, you’ll need to upgrade to a premium subscription

Bing AI

Bing AI, the new name for Microsoft’s search engine, uses artificial intelligence. This is one of the best ChatGPT alternative tool. Additionally, Bing AI is specifically created to improve search and has been optimized to maximize speed, accuracy, and efficiency.


  • More powerful than ChatGPT and GPT-3.5
  • Users of Bing can ask topics that are a maximum of 1,000 words in length and receive AI-powered answers
  • Offers the ability to analyze complex queries and speed up information searches
  • No initial expenses, 1000 transactions per month are free.


Chatsonic is one of the best AI writing tools. The platform provides an abundance of templates and tools that assist users in optimizing the process of writing and launching projects rapidly. In Addition, Chatsonic is a priceless tool for companies and people who want to develop their writing abilities and easily produce captivating content.


  • provides a range of templates for quickly creating stuff
  • contains a built-in plagiarism detector to ensure that the content is original
  • has a user-friendly interface for entering ideas
  • provides “language switching” to instantly change the language of material

Git Hub copilot

Developers may create code more quickly and effectively with the aid of Copilot, a GitHub tool driven by AI. The platform combines the OpenAI Codex, as well as cutting-edge machine learning and natural language processing (ML) technologies, to understand and evaluate code.


  • CoPilot can be beneficial for programmers of all skill levels, from novices to experts
  • A free trial is available, and monthly payments begin at $10
  • supports a wide range of programming languages, such as the programming language Python, Ruby, JavaScript, and others
  • predictions and tips for coding in real-time

Neeva AI

Neeva AI merges ChatGPT and other powerful language models with the effectiveness and latest information of the Neeva company search platform. Furthermore, thousands of numerous web pages can be searched and sorted through by NeevaAI’s system to generate one, complete response with relevant sources.


  • Provides an annual membership plan for $4.95 with a 14-day free-of-risk trial
  • improves the experience by using current data
  • ensuring its precision and accuracy


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