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Mastercard launches Start Path program and 7 startups join it

Mastercard is one of the prominent names in the payments industry. It is a technology firm that provides seamless and secure transaction options/services worldwide. The company was founded in 1994 and since then, the firm has been offering diverse solutions for its customers. The Start Path is a new program devised by Mastercard to scale and innovate startups from all over the world. The program is tailored to bring firms toward blockchain-based economics for promoting digitization.

Seven new firms are joining the Start Path program to adopt the new and innovative system that powers economies. These organizations are from different regions and aim to boost their offerings for their customers. Here are the seven new names added to the list of 350 companies participating in the Start Path program since 2014.

  • Digital Treasures Center (DTC)

DTC is a Singapore-based financial firm that is envisioned to empower customers to pay, receive and transfer funds including cash, card, and crypto. The company also processes major globally accepted currencies using the DTC Pay channel.

  • Fasset

Fasset aims to revolutionize digital asset exchange and is aimed to utilize Web3 to create a secure future. It is an Abu Dhabi-based firm that operates in different emerging markets. 

  • LootBolt

LootBolt is a US-Based firm that is envisioned to empower businesses to build, grow, and scale passionate communities using the Web 3 technology.

  • Quadrata

Quadrata is an identity and compliance firm based in the US that uses privacy-preserving and Sybil-resistant technology. 

  • Stable

Stable is a Colombian-based global remittance firm that works under the P2P (Peer-to-Peer) payment network. It uses a card solution that stabilizes global currencies and stablecoins. 

  • TBTM Studios

Take Back the Mic (TBTM) is a Dubai-based firm that uses blockchain technology to offer its services in the media fintech industry. The organization rewards its fans and compensates the creators to produce great content.

  • Uptop 

Uptop is a US-based blockchain organization that aims to create an innovative, clutter-free space for brands to control their customer relationships and have a smooth experience.

The Mastercard Start Path program is an innovative initiative aimed to transform business operations of firms. The program is curated to promote adaptation of new technologies including NFT, Blockchain, and the metaverse that are main driving components of the future.



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