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WhatsApp’s Poll Feature is now available in Pakistan

WhatsApp has introduced the feature of polls in group chats. This feature was in testing for a long time, and then this update became available on Whatsapp around the globe. Now, this poll feature is also functional in Pakistan.

This poll feature is similar to the one we see on Twitter or Linkedin. This feature has been introduced to make decision-making easier in groups through votes. Now you can post a poll in your friends and family group to decide a place to go or food to eat. 

To use this feature, simply go to group chat and click on the attachment button that has an icon of a paperclip inside the text box. Here you will see an option “Poll”. Select it. You can type your question and select up to 12 options for a vote. There is also a hamburger button along with the voting option that allows you to move the options up and down.




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