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Jazz WhatsApp Packages 2023 – Daily, Weekly, and Monthly

The internet has grown into a crucial part of our daily routines in the modern era. You can utilise the internet for social purposes like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, calling, communicating with family members, and many other things. Jazz understands the importance of the Internet. As a result, Jazz provides a variety of internet bundles for its consumers.

Packages for Jazz Internet in 2023:

Jazz No 1 company provides affordable WhatsApp packages throughout the country. The WhatsApp bundle subscription/subscription code and instructions for checking the amount of remaining data. Furthermore, jazz gives a bundle of packages such as monthly, weekly, and daily at affordable prices.

The greatest benefit of the Mobilink network is the availability of unlimited data for social networking applications like WhatsApp and Imo. We reviewed Jazz WhatsApp Plans to help understand the amount of Internet provided per day.

Jazz Daily WhatsApp Data

It’s an excellent option to have the choice of subscription to any kind of package for a day or a full 24 hours, given the possibility of an urgent need. Moreover, Jazz’s Daily WhatsApp packages are cost-effective, and you may obtain a few necessary MBs of data to connect over WhatsApp and plenty of SMS at the same time.

You can review all of the information that is provided below:               

Package Name Price Volume Validity Code
Jazz daily SMS and WhatsApp Rs 8 incl. tax 10 MB WhatsApp and 1800 SMS 1day *334#
Daily WhatsApp YouTube & Social data Rs. 15 Inc. Tax 1 GB of data (WhatsApp, YouTube, and Facebook) 1 Day *968#
WhatsApp and Facebook daily package Rs. 7 Inc. Tax Internet MBS 500 1 Day *114#


Jazz WhatsApp Weekly Package in 2023

Along with free SMS, it also provides a weekly Jazz WhatsApp Bundle 2023. A great method to save money is by purchasing the WhatsApp Weekly Packages. They are simple to afford. These packages will be enjoyable to you for a full week.

Package Name Price Volume Validity Code
WhatsApp & SMS for Jazz Weekly Rs 26.00 25 MB (WhatsApp only) 7 Days *101*1*07#
Weekly Social & YouTube Rs. 138 incl. tax 5 GB for WhatsApp, IMO, Facebook, and YouTube, 7 Days *660#
YouTube, IMO, WhatsApp, and FB Rs 160 8 GB, 500 jazz minutes, and 500 SMS 7 Days *668#


Jazz Monthly WhatsApp Package

Jazz offers its customers dependable, inexpensive, 4G Internet access options. Jazz WhatsApp also offers a monthly data allotment that can be utilised on well-known messaging services. One of the top Jazz WhatsApp Packages for the year 2023 is the Jazz monthly Pkg. These are the specifics of this package.

Package Name Price Volume Validity Code
Monthly Social Data Rs 148 incl. tax 7 GB of data IMO, BiP, Snapchat, and WhatsApp, and 12000 SMS 30 Days *661#
Mahana Bachat Offer Rs. 149 incl. tax 4GB for WhatsApp, BiP, IMO

 300 Jazz Mins, 40 off-net mins, 2000 SMS

30 Days *614#
Monthly WhatsApp and SMS package Rs. 70 5000 MBS 30 Days *1011*02#


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