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U.S. Government to provide Scholarships for Flood victim Students

The U.S. ambassador Donald Blome has announced 500+ scholarships for flood victims in Pakistan at the event celebrating International Women’s Day. The United State Department announced special grants for university students from impacted flood-affected communities to assist them to finish their degrees.

According to the US department, Education is a strong instrument that may help women reach their entire ability, overcome obstacles, and enhance their lifestyles.
The United State government has always supported women’s higher education. USAID collaboration with the HEC Higher Education Commission provides different types of scholarship programs. In addition, Six thousand plus Scholarships through Merit and need-based that are helpful for women. It would be a wonderful way to promote education and empower young women in the community.

“Women’s Day allows us to honor our mothers, sisters, aunts, and daughters. This day is brimming with happiness and excitement. We are thankful and honored for economic, political, social, and cultural achievements.” said Ambassador Blome.

International Women’s Day is a worldwide celebration of women’s social, economic, cultural, and political great successes. It is marked annually on March 8th and serves as a moment to focus on progress toward gender equality as well as to raise awareness of the difficulties that still need to be solved.

The event was attended by HEC Executive Director, university vice-chancellors, National Disaster Management Authority Chairman, USAID Mission Director, and students. Therefore, Women acquired approximately 60% of the scholarships. The US supported flood victims’ young women empowerment. This program also serves to improve relations between the two countries.

Massive floods in Pakistan caused millions of people to lose their homes and financial resources. The United States and other contributors deserve praise for their moral responsibility. The US government also supports Pakistan’s important fields, particularly higher education, which is praiseworthy. These scholarships not only enabled many deserving students to attend university, raising themselves and their homes out of hardship.

For further detail on USAID’s aid to educational institutions in Pakistan, please visit



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