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The Police Crackdown on PTI Turns into Violence

The PTI chief Imran Khan cancelled a gathering in Lahore as the interim administration applied Section 144 and arrested party workers. Additionally, a Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) worker was murdered, and several others were injured in clashes with police in Lahore on Wednesday.

“Ali Bilal unarmed & our dedicated & passionate PTI worker murdered by Punjab police,” the PTI Chairman remarked in a harsh reaction to the death of the PTI member.

“Shameful, this brutality on unarmed PTI workers who were coming to attend an election rally. Pakistan is in the grip of murderous criminals. We will file cases against IG, CCPO & others for murder.”

The use of police force during political protests is a complicated matter. While the police are responsible for maintaining law and order and ensuring residents’ safety, they must also respect individuals’ right to peaceful protest and avoid using excessive force.

Imran khan had prepared to talk at an election campaign through Zaman Park to Data Darbar. Yet, the district government has prohibited public gatherings. Hence, Prosecutors blocked all paths going to Khan’s Lahore home and then launched a crackdown on Party activists wanting to attend the location.

The Punjab IG directed the formation of a two-member committee composed of DIG (Elite Police Force) and SSP Lahore. He ordered them to investigate the police clashes with PTI workers outside Zaman Park. In addition, the decision was imposed to “better assess evidence, increase clarity, and determine the cause of loss of people and infrastructure” during the event.

According to the statement of Lahore Police Spokesperson, 11 police officers were injured as a result of PTI workers’ aggressiveness and were admitted to the hospital in critical condition. In any scenario, brutality and hostility never have great effects. However, to resolve any issues or disagreements, all parties concerned must maintain a calm and pleasant discourse.

Imran Khan urged the public to “grab their freedom” from the “evil” rulers. Today, murderers, fraudsters, and tax cheats were imposed on the state. He further stated that “once elections are conducted. They will be destroyed.”



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