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UHS approves Affiliation of new Nursing, Medical, and Allied Sciences Colleges

UHS has provided opportunities to many new Affiliated healthcare sectors and increased the number of seats in previous Medical and Allied Health departments by approval of the federal government. Moreover, there are two Medical Colleges, 13 Nursing Colleges, and one Dental College in collaboration with the University of Health Science. Vice chancellor Dr. Waheed held a meeting with the UHS panel and other Medical and Allied Health Science colleges for reorganization in February.

The Secretary of the Punjab Finance Department, the professor of Surgery, and the Baluchistan time Journalist attended the meeting via video conference. All participants have approved the collaboration and agreed to the policies and laws that will ensure the partnership’s long-term viability.

On the advice of the affiliation committee, the cabinet accepted the affiliation of two new medical colleges such as RLKU Medical and Dental College Lahore and Akhtar Saeed Medical College Rawalpindi. There are new 11 nursing colleges that are public while two are private. Furthermore, there are 50 Dental seat increases in Medical and Dental College Sargodha.

There are multiple benefits of partnerships in different departments including,

  •   By increasing connection to finance, sharing information and skills, and creating opportunities for students
  •   Partnerships can also aid in the reduction of staffing issues
  •   The enhancement of healthcare education and clinical practice
  •   Strong communication skills and good teamwork

According to Higher Education Commission (HEC) policy, certain deadlines for the finishing course were implemented for MPhil and other master’s degrees. In addition, it was declared that the minimum period needed for finishing these degrees must be two years, and candidates who had been stuck in these programs for several years for any reason would be given a few months to finish their research project and degree before the membership would be cancelled.

The conference decided that the university would establish an admission calendar for Medical, bachelor in Nursing, Dental, Allied Health Sciences, and other courses offered on-campus and in affiliated institutions. Furthermore, any institute would not be able to allow admissions in breaking those criteria.



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