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Private Schools in KP Reject Extension of Winter Break

The recent decision by the caretaker government in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) to extend the winter break for schools across the province has faced staunch opposition from the Private Education Network (PEN). In a statement, the network expressed its disapproval and called on authorities to reconsider the extension, emphasizing the impact on students’ academic progress.

Muhammad Saleem Khan, the president of PEN, criticized the decision, stating that the choices made by education department officials often neglect practical realities. He highlighted the potential threat to students’ future, noting that a minimum of 240 days is essential to cover the entire syllabus during the academic year.

The current extension, according to Khan, leaves matriculation and intermediate students with only 126 and 91 days, respectively, to complete their syllabus after factoring in the gazetted vacation period.

Khan also brought attention to the challenges faced by students and parents due to the early scheduling of matriculation exams. He questioned the logic behind extending winter vacations, particularly in light of teachers’ involvement in elections, emphasizing that private school teachers are not part of the election process.

To address the concerns, Khan suggested a practical solution, proposing a 9 am start for schools to mitigate the impact of harsh winter weather.

The rejection of the winter vacation extension by private schools in KP underscores the complex considerations involved in balancing academic requirements, weather conditions, and administrative decisions. As stakeholders navigate these challenges, the focus remains on ensuring uninterrupted academic progress for students in the province.



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