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Punjab Implements Toll Tax Hike on Lahore Ring Road

In a move that aligns with recent economic adjustments, the Punjab government has introduced notable changes, including a substantial increase in toll taxes on the Lahore Ring Road. This decision, influenced by escalating car prices, petrol rates, and license fees, sees a 20% surge in toll taxes levied by the Lahore Ring Road Authority. Here’s a breakdown of the new toll tax rates and additional updates:

1. Private Cars and Jeeps:

  • Previous Rate: Rs. 50 per trip
  • New Rate: Rs. 60 per trip
  • Increase: Rs. 10

2. Passenger Vans and Coasters:

  • Previous Rate: Rs. 100
  • New Rate: Rs. 120
  • Increase: Rs. 20

3. Passenger Buses:

  • Previous Rate: Rs. 250
  • New Rate: Rs. 300
  • Increase: Rs. 50

4. Loader Trucks, Pick-ups, and Dumpers:

  • Previous Rate: Rs. 300
  • New Rate: Rs. 360
  • Increase: Rs. 60

5. Heavy Vehicles:

  • Previous Rate: Rs. 500
  • New Rate: Rs. 600
  • Increase: Rs. 100

These adjustments reflect the government’s response to the economic landscape and aim to manage the financial burden on road users. Additionally, in tandem with these changes, the Lahore Ring Road Southern Loop 3 project is slated for completion within the next five months. Despite previous legal challenges, the project has overcome obstacles, garnering support from Bahria Town. Once finished, the Ring Road Southern Loop 3 is poised to ease traffic congestion, particularly benefiting travelers from South Punjab to Lahore, while also providing relief for Thokar and Canal Road.

Residents of housing schemes along Multan Road are expected to enjoy the positive impacts of this infrastructure development, further contributing to enhanced connectivity and improved traffic flow in the region. As these changes unfold, it remains crucial for commuters and residents alike to stay informed about the evolving dynamics of toll taxes and infrastructure developments impacting their daily lives.



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