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Governor Sindh Supports inDrive and JDC in Providing Winter Kits

In a heartwarming ceremony dedicated to extending a helping hand to the underprivileged, Governor Sindh, Kamran Khan Tessori, recently showered praises on the commendable efforts of inDrive and JDC during their joint initiative.

The Governor, speaking at the ceremony held at the Governor House Sindh, expressed appreciation for individuals and organizations actively working towards the betterment of Pakistan. In particular, he commended the noteworthy initiative by inDrive and pledged full support for their noble cause. Governor Tessori also hailed JDC as a true blessing for the underprivileged, acknowledging the commendable spirit of these institutions in serving humanity.

The event shed light on inDrive, a leading transportation platform, and their vision for the ‘Ride to Donate’ initiative. This campaign focuses on providing winter kits to those in need, aiming to bring warmth and essential items to the less fortunate. During the ceremony, inDrive proudly shared that they have already distributed over 800 winter kits, spreading warmth and care throughout the community.

Sidra Kiran, PR Lead, Pakistan-SA region at inDrive, emphasized the power of collective kindness within the inDrive community. She stated, “The ‘Ride to Donate’ initiative aligns with our commitment to making a tangible difference in the lives of those facing the harsh realities of winter by sharing warmth. We are dedicated to bringing warmth to hearts and homes, one winter kit at a time. Together, with compassion as our guide, we illuminate the path to a kinder tomorrow.”

Adding to the sentiments, Mr. Zafar Abbas, founder of JDC, expressed, “Empathy knows no season. With every winter kit, we knit together a story of care and warmth. Together, we’re not just providing essentials; we’re weaving a blanket of compassion for those in need.”

Governor Tessori concluded the ceremony by emphasizing the imperative for unified efforts to address pressing societal challenges. He urged everyone to contribute within their means, recognizing the prevailing economic challenges and calling for collective solutions. The ‘Ride to Donate’ initiative stands as a testament to the impact achievable when communities, organizations, and government entities unite for the greater good.



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