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Pakistan Aims for $10 Billion Tech Exports from Freelancers

Pakistan’s ambitions in the technology sector have received a significant boost with the Interim Federal Minister for IT and Telecommunication, Dr. Umar Saif, spearheading an ambitious plan to bolster the country’s tech exports. The goal is to enable the generation of $10 billion annually by empowering a million freelancers to earn an average of $30 per day. To facilitate this, the government is gearing up to provide financial support and shared workspaces within the next few months.

In an effort to streamline payment processes for freelancers, Pakistan is engaging in discussions with PayPal, aiming to create a smoother mechanism for receiving compensation. Additionally, plans are underway to introduce 5G technology within the next eight months, marking a significant leap in the country’s technological infrastructure.

Presently, Pakistan’s tech sector contributes around $2.5 billion annually through the sale of services to other countries. With the current initiative, the government is taking substantial strides to scale up this number. Dr. Saif emphasizes the significance of securing investment funds and fostering collaborative work environments in private businesses to ensure the success of this groundbreaking initiative. If successful, this venture has the potential to significantly boost Pakistan’s economy and solidify its position in the global tech industry.



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