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Punjab Declares Four-Day Holiday Due to Worsening Smog

The caretaker government in Punjab, Pakistan, has responded to the increasingly severe smog situation by declaring a four-day holiday. Caretaker Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi, in a press conference, announced the holiday period starting from Thursday, which coincides with the public holiday for Iqbal Day, and extending through the weekend. This measure aims to tackle the hazardous pollution levels that pose significant health risks to the residents.

In light of this decision, November 9 has been declared a national holiday, with schools and offices remaining closed on November 10 in Punjab. Moreover, markets will be shut on Saturdays, and traders have the option to close markets on Fridays as well.

Emphasizing Lahore’s status as one of the most severely affected cities globally, the chief minister urged the public to remain indoors during this four-day holiday period.

Last week, the interim government in Punjab declared a state of emergency in response to the escalating smog situation, particularly in Lahore, following a directive from the Lahore High Court to take urgent action to safeguard the citizens’ health.



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