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OxfordAQA Launches International Qualifications in Pakistan

In a momentous event hosted at the picturesque Acton House in Karachi, OxfordAQA, in collaboration with Oxford University Press Pakistan, officially launched its internationally recognized qualifications in Pakistan. The event brought together 200 educationists, including school heads, and marked a significant milestone in OxfordAQA’s commitment to delivering high-quality assessments globally.

A Landmark Moment for Education in Pakistan:

OxfordAQA, a prominent international examination board, has joined forces with Oxford University Press Pakistan to introduce its esteemed qualifications in Pakistan. The launch event at the British Deputy High Commission in Karachi drew attention to the importance of this collaboration in shaping the future of education in the country.

Elevating Learning Experiences:

OxfordAQA, renowned for its rigorous standards and dedication to continuous improvement, aims to enhance the learning experience for both students and educators in Pakistan. The examination board’s rich history of delivering qualifications that bring out the best in every learner sets the stage for a transformative impact on the Pakistani education landscape.

Welcoming Excellence on a Global Stage:

Sarah Mooney, the British Deputy High Commissioner and Director of Trade Pakistan, emphasized the significance of preparing students for life beyond school. She highlighted how the Oxford AQA examination, a collaboration between two prestigious organizations – AQA and Oxford University Press, provides students with the best chance to excel globally.

Enthusiasm and Optimism:

Arshad Saeed Husain, Managing Director of Oxford University Press, expressed excitement about the collaboration, stating that OxfordAQA brings a wealth of experience and expertise to Pakistani students. The collaboration aims to equip students with future-ready skills, enabling them to compete on the global stage and make a positive impact on the education landscape.

Innovation and Inclusivity:

OxfordAQA places a strong emphasis on innovative teaching methods and utilizes the latest educational technologies to enhance the learning experience. The examination board offers a diverse range of subjects, encouraging holistic development and preparing students for opportunities both within Pakistan and on the international stage.

Commitment to Fairness and Equality:

Jamie Kirkaldy, Head of Teaching and Learning Support at OxfordAQA, emphasized the commitment to fairness and equality in qualifications. He highlighted that OxfordAQA exams are designed to be accessible to all students, irrespective of their background or circumstances, fostering a level playing field for academic success.

Empowering Educators for Success:

OxfordAQA not only focuses on empowering students but also provides ongoing high-quality professional development opportunities for educators. This commitment to continuous improvement extends to the entire educational ecosystem, ensuring a positive and forward-looking impact.

A Bright Future for Education:

Participants at the launch event agreed that OxfordAQA represents a significant opportunity for learners and educators in Pakistan. The collaboration is poised to shape the future of education, offering globally recognized qualifications that open doors to a world of possibilities.



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