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Punjab Schools Alter Dress Code Instead of Extending Winter Holidays

In a proactive response to the winter chill, Punjab’s School Education Department has taken a distinctive approach to address the cold weather concerns. Rather than extending winter holidays, the department has mandated a temporary alteration in the dress code for students across all private and public schools in the province.

A Shift in Uniform Policy:

In a recent notification, the education department has given the green light for students to diversify their winter attire. Throughout the months of January and February, students are now permitted to wear any sweater, blazer, coat, jacket, cap, socks, and shoes to keep themselves warm and shielded from the cold weather.

Compliance and Oversight:

To ensure the seamless implementation of this decision, all relevant officials have been directed to monitor and guarantee compliance with the adjusted dress code. This move reflects a practical and immediate response to the seasonal challenges faced by students, teachers, and parents alike.

Balancing Act: Winter Holidays and Public Health:

Despite the drop in temperature, Punjab’s educational authorities have opted against extending winter vacations. Instead, they have taken a nuanced approach by addressing health concerns while maintaining the academic routine. Following unfortunate incidents of pneumonia-related deaths, an additional one-week holiday has been granted to students up to grade 1.

Chief Minister’s Intervention: Exam Postponement and Protective Measures:

Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi has intervened by ordering the postponement of all examinations scheduled for the current month. This decision not only considers the well-being of students but also aligns with the broader strategy to mitigate health risks during the winter season.

Preventive Measures: No Assemblies Until January 31:

In an effort to curb the spread of pneumonia, schools across the province have received instructions not to conduct morning assemblies until January 31. This preventive measure aims to safeguard the health of students, acknowledging the severity of the situation.

As Punjab navigates the delicate balance between academic continuity and public health, these measures underscore a thoughtful and dynamic approach in adapting to seasonal challenges. The temporary relaxation of the dress code stands as a pragmatic solution, showcasing the education department’s commitment to prioritizing student welfare while maintaining educational routines.



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