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Saudi Arabia Introduces Five New Categories for Visas

Saudi Arabia is taking significant strides towards transforming its economic landscape with the introduction of five new visa categories under its “premium residency products.” This strategic move aligns with the nation’s Vision 2030 agenda, aiming for economic diversification and enhanced global business influence.

Categories of Premium Residency:

  1. Special Talent Residency:
    • Targeting executives and professionals in healthcare, science, and research.
    • Seeks individuals with unique skills to contribute to knowledge and technology transfer.
    • Provides a platform for fostering innovation and expertise in critical sectors.
  2. Investor Residency:
    • Tailored for those seeking opportunities in Saudi Arabia’s thriving business landscape.
    • A gateway for investors to actively participate in the nation’s economic development.
    • Fosters an environment conducive to business growth and international investment.
  3. Entrepreneur Residency:
    • Caters to aspiring entrepreneurs and owners of innovative projects.
    • Facilitates the establishment of startups in the kingdom, promoting entrepreneurship.
    • Aims to bolster the entrepreneurial spirit and drive innovation within the country.
  4. Real Estate Owner Residency:
    • Aimed at individuals interested in benefiting from Saudi Arabia’s rapidly growing real estate market.
    • Offers a unique opportunity for property ownership and investment in the kingdom.
    • Aligns with the nation’s goal of attracting investors to the real estate sector.
  5. Gifted Residency:
    • Tailored for individuals recognized for their exceptional talents and contributions.
    • Provides a distinguished status to those who have significantly impacted their fields.
    • Aims to attract and retain exceptional individuals, contributing to the nation’s growth.

Benefits of the New Visas:

Majid bin Alkassabi, Chairman of Saudi Arabia’s Premium Residency Centre, highlights the array of benefits these visas offer, including work permits, real estate ownership, and various other advantages. While specific details on the duration and costs remain undisclosed, these premium residency options contribute to the kingdom’s broader objectives.

Strategic Alignment with Vision 2030:

The introduction of these visas complements Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 by focusing on economic diversification, job creation, and knowledge exchange. The kingdom actively promotes public-private partnerships, industry free zones, and tax incentives to attract both talent and investors, steering towards a non-oil economy.

Strengthening Global Business Hub Status:

This initiative underscores Saudi Arabia’s commitment to becoming a global business hub, encouraging individuals capable of adding value to actively participate in the kingdom’s development journey. By promoting economic growth and diversification, these new visa categories reinforce Saudi Arabia’s position as a prominent destination for professionals and investors alike.



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