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Sehat Kahani and EFU Health Insurance Unite to Digital Wellness

In a groundbreaking development for the healthcare landscape in Pakistan, Sehat Kahani, the country’s leading digital healthcare platform, and EFU Health Insurance Ltd, Pakistan’s First Specialized Health Insurer, have joined forces in a strategic alliance. This collaboration is set to revolutionize healthcare accessibility and convenience for EFU Health’s covered members, marking a significant leap towards enhanced digital healthcare services.

Empowering Policyholders with Digital Healthcare

The alliance ensures that EFU Health’s policyholders gain unprecedented access to digital healthcare services. Now, policyholders can connect with general physicians 24/7, with an impressive connection time of within 60 seconds. This immediate access to healthcare professionals is complemented by the ability to schedule online appointments with preferred specialists, offering personalized and specialized care tailored to individual needs.

Pioneering Ceremony Sets the Tone

The signing ceremony, held on January 11, 2024, was a symbolic representation of the cooperative spirit between EFU Health and Sehat Kahani. This collaboration signifies a commitment to advancing healthcare solutions, utilizing digital platforms to make quality healthcare accessible to everyone, anywhere.

Voices of Commitment

Mr. Kamran Ansari, the Managing Director & CEO of EFU Health, expressed his views on the collaboration, stating, “This collaboration is a testament to our commitment to revolutionizing healthcare for our valued policyholders. Sehat Kahani’s expertise and commitment towards providing digital healthcare solutions make them accessible from anywhere, anytime.”

Dr. Sara Saeed Khurram, CEO of Sehat Kahani, added, “Sehat Kahani believes in fostering a culture where health is prioritized, and this collaboration aligns seamlessly with our commitment to ensuring accessible and comprehensive healthcare for every individual.”

Dr. Iffat Zafar Aga, COO of Sehat Kahani, shared her positive anticipation, saying, “Our shared goal is to make quality healthcare accessible to all, and this collaboration is a significant stride in that direction. We look forward to a successful partnership with EFU Health, and together, we aim to elevate the health and well-being of their policyholders.”

Anticipating a Healthier Future

As the alliance between Sehat Kahani and EFU Health Insurance takes root, the anticipation is high for the positive impact it will have on healthcare delivery. The seamless integration of digital solutions promises to elevate the health and well-being of EFU Health’s policyholders, setting the stage for a new era of digital wellness in Pakistan.



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