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Chinese Electric Car Manufacturer in Pakistan

In a significant development for Pakistan’s automotive industry, a prominent Chinese electric car manufacturer, Xinjian Jingyi Cheng Group, has announced its plans to establish an electric vehicle (EV) assembly plant and a network of showrooms in major cities across Pakistan.

The Xinjian Jingyi Cheng Group delegation, led by Assistant Chairman G.U. Xongquan, recently presented their ambitious proposal to Vice President Amin Ullah Baig of the Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI). During the meeting, the discussion primarily revolved around Pakistan’s investment landscape and the potential for this groundbreaking venture.

Chairman Xongquan shared insights into the company’s long-term vision, which includes the establishment of a fully indigenized production plant within Pakistan, complemented by an extensive showroom network.

Xinjian Jingyi Cheng Group is a multifaceted conglomerate engaged in five core industries:

  1. Electromechanical and hydraulic
  2. Light power
  3. Vehicle
  4. International commerce
  5. Production and services

Chairman Xongquan emphasized the significance of this venture in Pakistan, where automobiles remain the primary mode of transportation. The recent surge in global oil prices has led to increased petrol costs, compelling individuals to seek more fuel-efficient alternatives.

Xinjian Jingyi Cheng Group has a strong focus on automobile innovation and development, leveraging the latest technology and resource integration. Chairman Xongquan aptly noted, “In the long run, electric cars save much more on fuel costs compared to conventional petrol-run vehicles.”

This move by Xinjian Jingyi Cheng Group reflects the growing global trend towards electric mobility and underscores Pakistan’s potential to embrace eco-friendly transportation solutions. As the automotive landscape in Pakistan prepares for a transformation, the introduction of electric vehicles presents an exciting opportunity for environmentally conscious consumers and the automotive industry alike.

With the promise of reduced fuel costs and a reduced carbon footprint, electric vehicles are poised to make a substantial impact on Pakistan’s transportation sector. As Xinjian Jingyi Cheng Group’s plans take shape, Pakistanis can look forward to a future where sustainable and efficient transportation options are more accessible than ever before.



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