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Tehzeeb Bakers Opens New Outlet on Lahore’s M.M Alam Road

The aroma of freshly baked delights is now wafting through Lahore’s M.M Alam Road as Tehzeeb Bakers, synonymous with excellence in confectionery, proudly opens its new outlet. Taking over the iconic spot once occupied by Pizza Hut, Tehzeeb is set to redefine the culinary landscape with its traditional warmth and signature cakes delivered right to customers’ homes – “The Tehzeeb way.”

With the launch of their campaign, “Hum aa rahay hain apka dil jeetnay,” Tehzeeb provides a sneak peek into the exciting ventures lined up for the future. This strategic move not only establishes Tehzeeb as a bakery but as a symbol of heartwarming connections and delightful experiences.

Known for winning the hearts of society, diplomats, and royalties visiting Pakistan, Tehzeeb Bakers brings pride to the nation. Their iconic gesture of distributing cakes in the community serves as a unique announcement, signaling their arrival with a sweet touch.

Tehzeeb Bakers, renowned for its exceptional products and bold initiatives, is poised to revolutionize the shopping patterns in the market and set new industry standards. The opening of the M.M Alam Road outlet is a testament to their commitment to delivering excellence and shaping the future of the confectionery industry.

Speaking about deliveries, Tehzeeb’s spokesperson, Ms. Sara Iftikhar, shared, “Our delivery in Lahore kicks off on December 25th, and our App will be updated from January 10th, 2024.” Expressing enthusiasm about entering the Lahore market, she added, “Lahore dil waloun ka shaher hai, aur hum unka dil jeetnay aa rahay hain.”

As Tehzeeb unfolds its culinary magic in Punjab, one can anticipate a transformative impact on the market, setting higher standards and elevating the joy of indulging in exquisite confections.



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