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TikTok Declared Haram in New Fatwa

In a significant development, the Jamia Uloom-ul-Islamia Banoori Town issued a religious ruling (fatwa) on Tuesday, officially categorizing the widely-used social media app TikTok as “haram,” meaning forbidden under Sharia law.

The fatwa, identified as number 144211200409, explicitly deems TikTok usage as impermissible, citing various ethical and religious concerns. It highlights the app’s potential to be a “dangerous temptation” in the realm of social media, stating that engagement in TikTok involves activities considered illegitimate and sinful.

One of the key criticisms in the fatwa revolves around TikTok’s promotion of taking photos and videos, activities directly prohibited by Sharia law. The religious directive further condemns the platform for inappropriate content, accusing it of showcasing women in videos that lead to the sinful act of observing the “Na Mahram.” Additionally, the fatwa addresses the use of music, singing, and dancing on TikTok, labeling these elements as conduits for disseminating indecency and nudity.

A significant issue highlighted in the fatwa is the perceived squandering of time associated with TikTok use. The platform is criticized for encouraging behaviors that ridicule scholars and religious figures, enticing individuals to engage in activities contrary to the values of decency and morality, all motivated by the lure of financial gain.

This religious decree comes amid growing concerns about the impact of social media platforms on ethical and moral standards. The fatwa against TikTok aligns with a broader discourse on the responsible use of technology and its implications in religious contexts. It also echoes previous declarations, such as the recent statement by Saudi Scholar Asim al-Hakim, who declared earning money through YouTube as haram, emphasizing the complex intersections between technology, morality, and religious principles.



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