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Lahore’s Top Traffic Offense: 2.2 Million Without Helmets

The Lahore Traffic Police has recently disclosed the most prevalent traffic violations in the provincial capital for the current year, shedding light on the challenges faced in maintaining road discipline. According to official statistics, a staggering 4.8 million individuals were found violating traffic rules, emphasizing the need for heightened awareness and compliance.

The standout violation on the list involves more than 2.2 million motorcyclists fined for driving without helmets. This stark figure underlines the critical importance of safety measures on the road, urging individuals to prioritize protective gear for their own well-being.

City Traffic Officer, Ammara Athar, highlighted that a significant portion of the violations, totaling 2,023,000 cases, included lane cutting, stop-line infringement, and zebra crossing violations. These infractions contribute to the overall chaos on the roads, necessitating stringent enforcement and education on proper driving etiquette.

Wrong parking emerged as another prevalent issue, with 1.2 million individuals facing fines for this violation. The statistics also reveal 85,000 instances of one-way violations, pointing towards a need for increased awareness of traffic flow and regulations.

Ammara Athar provided insight into other notable violations, including disregarding red signals (39,000 cases), not wearing seat belts (31,000 cases), using mobile phones while driving (48,000 cases), dangerous driving (49,000 cases), tinted windows (4,000 cases), and various other infractions (136,000 cases).

The CTO emphasized that the purpose behind taking action against traffic rules violators is to instill discipline among citizens and ensure the effective implementation of traffic laws. The disclosed statistics serve as a reminder for all road users to prioritize safety, follow traffic regulations, and contribute to a more organized and secure traffic environment in Lahore.



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