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Whatsapp Launches New Feature, Say “Hello” to Yourself!

Whatsapp Launches New Feature “message yourself” for those who want to send important documents, files, and different attachments for later use or as backups across different devices.

The launched feature works just like you are using your Gmail inbox; for example, suppose you send an important document to yourself, then open WhatsApp on the web or computer. The following feature conveniently shows you the document on your device simultaneously.

Whatsapp Launches New Feature not just out of the blue but has been testing it since October when it was launched in beta. Other apps, such as Slack and Telegram, have already implemented it. The user had a way to send them essential files by creating a group and deleting all members except themselves. This may seem like a way out that now needs to be a lot faster.

The process of launching this is still going on, so it may not be available to so many users till now. The sad thing about this is that it still has not arrived in Pakistan.

Whatsapp isn’t going to stop here; they plan to add more features for their users. The beta version of these features will be available for users in the coming days hopefully. Another exciting feature that will show your profile picture alongside your sent messages will launch soon. As WhatsApp envisions, it keeps updating according to user needs and comfort.



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