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Apollo App is now offering Befiler Services

Telenor Pakistan has delivered on board Befiler, simplifying the tax return filing procedure for its retailers on subsidized rates via its application Apollo.

Apollo is an industry-first digital distribution retail utility that empowers shops and retail corporations to sell their services to a bigger quantity of customers in less time.

The virtual platform has advanced right into a complete environment through serving as a one-stop virtual solution for stores throughout Pakistan.

The Telenor Pakistan-powered digital answer offers telco-related services which includes easyload, economic services, and bundle subscriptions.

With the aid of partnering with Befiler, a tax submitting and NTN registration portal for individuals and SMEs, Telenor Pakistan is empowering its stores to register themselves for tax compliance.

Befiler includes services like earnings tax filing, income tax submitting, and retaining tax information, all with only a click of a button.

By plugging Befiler into Apollo, Telenor Pakistan isn’t handiest ensuring retailers enter tax compliance, however also saving them the hassle of chasing down lawyers to document tax returns.

Befiler is likewise presenting solely backed provider fees to Apollo shops, with the same provider extended to the clients, permitting the outlets to earn through ensuring tax compliance.

With this partnership, Telenor Pakistan is not simply ensuring that more humans add themselves to the tax compliance net but additionally growing an additional incomes movement for the shops with the aid of making sure citizen tax compliance.



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