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BTS’ Jin conveys a unique statement for ARMY from a Military camp

Jin returned to the fan gathering platform on 18th, January. Whereas, he ensured himself that “he was doing well” after five weeks of activity at the recruit training center.

The 30-year-old Jin stated that “I’m enjoyably spending my time here. I’m posting photos after receiving permission from the military. ARMY, always be happy and take care.”

Jin is the first fellow of BTS to enroll in South Korean compulsory military service.

On June 12, 2024, BTS stars will return from military duties.  Whereas the ARMY ascertained love for the BTS star and hoped for his secure recovery.

Kim Seok-jin, the full name of Jin officially enrolled for responsibility on December 13, 2022. 

Most of the reports stated that “Jin is undergoing training at a boot camp of a front-line army division in Yeoncheon, 60 kilometers north of Seoul.”

This month, Jin’s video message was shared by Bangtan TV. The video clip was recorded in the filming of the  Korean variety show, Running Man. 

In the video, Jin said, “Hello everyone, this is Jin of BTS. I won’t be a civilian by the time the video is out. But I am here in front of the camera because I wanted to leave you something, even if it is just leaving a message.”

He also said, “Whenever I am available I wish to share these videos with you. I may not be by your side, but I’ll go looking for you soon if you just wait for a little. I’ll be back soon. That’s all for today. Next time when I have the time, I’ll share another video. That’s all for now.”

Comments by his Fans “Jin is proud of all the army who waited until he posts. Let’s continue waiting and not spreading pics that are not posted by Jin.” 

“All I’m doing right now is staring at these pictures and crying.” “I missed him God I missed him so much. I hope you’re staying warm and healthy.” 

In South Korea, for 20 years all able-bodied men who are of the 18-28 age group are demanded to perform in the military. But BTS members had been permitted to begin their military service until they turned 30.



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